Bladed Units

Our bladed units are designed for open field work: tall grass, weeds and brush. There are 5 different heads to choose from depending on your trimmer type and job at hand.

Do not use vertical or against sidewalks, fences, brick walls or any other solid objects. For edging or trimming around solid objects check our Pre-Cut Line Units or Bump & Feed heads instead.

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GrassGator 3600 - Light Duty GrassGator 4700 - The Rampage MultiTool
GrassGator 3600 - Light DutyGrassGator 4700 - The Rampage Multi-Tool

The GrassGator ® Light Duty Model 3600 cuts weeds, tall grass and light brush. Fits most gas trimmers both straight and curved shafts. 

The GrassGator® Rampage Multi-Tool fits most gas trimmers both straight and curved shafts. 



GrassGator 6700 - 1-2 Trims GrassGator 4600 - Heavy Duty
GrassGator 6700 - 1-2 TrimsGrassGator 4600 - Heavy Duty

GrassGator 1-2 Trims model 6700. Multi-Tool head. Choose between blades for open field or line for trimming or cutting along solid objects.

The GrassGator® 4600 cuts tall grass, weeds and light brush. Fits commercial grade curved and straight shaft trimmers 27ccs or more. 



GrassGator 4620 - Lock n' Load GrassGator Extra Heavy Duty Model 4680
GrassGator 4620 - Lock n' LoadGrassGator 4680 - Extra Heavy Duty

The GrassGator® 4620 is designed to fit straight shaft trimmers 27ccs or more. No need to remove the head to change blades.

The GrassGator® Extra Heavy Duty Brush Cutter fits most straight shaft gas trimmers and some commercial grade curved shafts both 27ccs or more.